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Window Forms Color Dialog Control
Create custom color in C# to form with the Color Dialog in .NET applications

Tabs of Color Dialog Control

The Kettic Color Dialog WinForm component offers the easy way to customize color to Form via choosing color from a color palette. This is a light weight user interface WinForms control and can be seamlessly integrated into other controls. RGB or HEX color models are available for choosing color. The color palette that can be themed as demand contains large flexibility to build custom color from the web, system, and basic colors.

How to Use the Color Tabs of Color Dialog

The Kettic Color Dialog Control offers several color tabs in the dialog to choose a color, such as the Basic Color, System Color, Web Color and Professional Color. When color is selected, users can click the OK to retain the selection or click Cancel to give up the color change. The following are the details of the color tabs.
  • Basic Color tab, this tab is used to select the color that has been predefined in the colored cell.
  • System Color tab, this tab is used to select color from the list of System.Drawing.SystemColors.
  • Web Color tab, this color tab is used to select color from a list of named web colors.
  • Professional Color tab, this tab offers large flexibility for users to select extremely accurate color as demand.
  • The editorial color areas are located on the top right, where users can edit and preview the sample color they select.
  • RGB color value is available to users input a color value to select the color they need in their application.
  • The Color Dialog control is able to show the row of slots, in which colors have been saved.
  • The Kettic Color Dialog component offers the Add Custom Color button to build custom color for UI designers.
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