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Window Forms Status Strip Control
Create custom status strip in C# to Windows Forms applications
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How to Use Status Strip Controls

The Kettic Status Strip control is used to show a variety of status message in a status area in a form. This status strip control can use the themes provided combined with buttons and progress bar to show state and operation progress. The status strip control support two layouts, a table layout for placing items and a resizing layout which allows users resize each element dynamically.

Add Items to Status Strip at Design Time

The Kettic Status Strip control allows users put various types of elements on the status strip and bar, for example, button element, toggle button element, repeat button element, check box element, image button element, label element, progress bar element, status strip panel element, and command bar separator element.
To add the item elements to the status strip and edit them in the status strip item, we can use one of the ways below.
  • Use the label type here and edit the item elements directly. When we changed the item elements, save the changes via clicking Enter or give up the changes via clicking Esc button
  • Add or edit item elements in Items Collection Editor, which can be open through choose the edit items in Smart Tag
  • Add or edit item elements in Items Collection Editor through the Items property ellipses in Properties Editor.

Add Items to Status Strip at Run Time

To add item element to status strip at run time, create element instances and add the instances to the status strip item collection. The following C# code shows how to create and add these item elements, including,
  • Label element,
  • button element,
  • repeat button element,
  • tool bar separator element,
  • progress bar element
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