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Title Bar WinForms Control

The Title Bar control provides customizable maximize, minimize and close buttons. It is really easy to drag and drop the control from the toolbox to a standard form and customize the text, image, and layout by configure the properties. Developers can manually add a theme to the title bar or use a predefined one. This Title Bar control will help UI designers create great user interface while using together with the Shaped Form component.

Title Bar Customizing

The Title Bar control provides the functionality of minimizing, maximizing, and closing a Window by adding these buttons to title bar. To achieve functionality, just add the title bar elements, minimize button, maximize button, and close button, to the title bar of the form in your .NET project. These buttons can be configured by changing the properties of text, image, and layout as specific requirements.

Detect Action of Dragging Title Bar

When we design the title bar of the form for the Window application, we need to consider the action of dragging the form, normally dragging the title bar of the form. The tutorial below shows how to detect the action when end users drag the title bar of a form and response to the action.

public const int WM_WINDOWLOCATIONCHANGED = 0x47;
protected override void WndProc(ref Message m)
this.Text = Control.MouseLocation.ToString();
base.WndProc(ref m);
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