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Window Forms Status Strip Control
Create custom status strip in C# to Windows Forms applications

Apply Themes to Status Strip

The Kettic Status Strip control is used to show a variety of status message in a status area in a form. This status strip control can use the themes provided combined with buttons and progress bar to show state and operation progress. The status strip control support two layouts, a table layout for placing items and a resizing layout which allows users resize each element dynamically.

Create Custom Theme for Status Strip

The following is the tutorial of applying custom themes to the Kettic Status Strip control. The Kettic Status Strip control support the predefined themes included in the UI Controls Suite as well as custom themes building as specific requirements of customers. The steps below show the details.
  1. Open your existing Windows Forms project or create a new Windows application.
  2. Open the smart tag and choose the Theme Creator to start the Visual Theme Creator, and select the elements you need and add them to the status strip control.
  3. Choose the area of the status bar in the Design View tab and the control structure tab will display the chosen FillPrimitive. And change the Theme Name to Bluesky.
  4. Change the BackColor properties to Blue, Aqua, Blue and Aquamarine in the Expert Mode. Change the GradientTheme to Win7
  5. Choose the Save Theme As from the File menu and save the file to a location where we will use it as reference later
  6. Close the Visual Theme Creator via click the Exit from the file menu
  7. Drag a Theme Manager control from the Toolbox and drop on a form
  8. Choose the load theme from file in the theme manager smart tag, and load the file saved previously
  9. Choose the Bluesky theme from the smart tag in the status strip
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