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Custom Items in ListView in C#.NET

Kettic ListView .NET control is capable of creating custom items and allows the users to add custom visual items to the ListView in their C# Windows Forms applications. To create custom items for ListView or add custom items to ListView, the ListView component provides the CreateVisualItems event for the users to accomplish this. In this article, we are going through the process of how to create a visual item for ListView in C#.NET Windows Forms template projects.

How to Create Custom Items in C#.NET

To create custom items for ListView or use custom visual items created by the users of the control, we need to use the CreateVisualItem event in their C#.NET projects. The sample below shows how to create a custom visual item by inheriting from the SimpleListViewVisualItem C# class.

How to Use Custom Items in C#.NET

When we create the custom visual items, we can use them by using the CreateVisualItem event in the C# code below.

void ketticListView1_CreateVisualItem(object sender, ListViewCreateVisualItemEventArgs e)
e.VisualItem = new MyCustomVisualItem();
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