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Customizing RibbonBar BackstageView in C#.NET

The Backstage View mode supports the themes predefined in the KetticRibbonBar control for Windows Forms. The designers for user interface of ribbon bar can easily apply the themes to backstage view, like Default Control, Office2010Black, Office2010Blue, and Office2010Silver themes. In addition, the users can create custom themes for the RibbonBar BackstageView by using the UI Style Creator. The customization of BackstageView style can be done using C# code in .NET template projects.

Elements for Customizing Backstage View in C#

KetticRibbonBar Backstage View contains various elements for the designers to customize the style and appearance of backstage view.
  • BackstageViewElement, this element is the main control element and contains the user interface and logic of the backstage view
  • BackstageVisualElement, this element determines the BackstageViewElement top border.
  • BackstageItemsPanelElement, this element is to build the left panel where the BackstageTabItems, BackstageButtonItems or other KetticItems can be placed
  • BackstageTabItems, this element is the visual element standing for the tab in the ItemsPanel.
  • BackstageButtonItems, this element is the visual element standing for the button in the ItemsPanel
  • BackstageContentPanelElement, this element is the visual element standing for the area to render the pages

Access BackstageView Elements in C#

To access the backstage view elements in the RibbonBar control, we are able to use the C# code as below

BackstageViewElement backstageViewElemet = ketticRibbonBarBackstageView1.BackstageElement;

BackstageItemsPanelElement itemsPanel = backstageViewElemet.ItemsPanelElement;

BackstageContentPanelElement contentPanel = backstageViewElemet.ContentElement;

Customize BackstageView using C#

To customize the BackstageView, we need to access the elements first. The following is a C# code sample that shows how to customize the background of backstage view.

KetticImageShape imageShape = new KetticImageShape();
imageShape.Image = Image.FromFile(@"C:\MyFile.png");
imageShape.Margins = new System.Windows.Forms.Padding(5,5,5,5);
ketticRibbonBarBackstageView1.BackstageElement.ContentElement.BackgroundShape = imageShape;

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