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RibbonBar Collapsing in C#.NET

KetticRibbonBar control is capable of ender users’ operations. It allows the end users to collapse the ribbon bar when the control covers a large of the screen and applies the key tips to discover the keyboard shortcuts for any items of KetticRibbonBar control in Windows Forms application.

Collapsing KetticRibbonBar

When KetticRibbonBar control is integrated into your Windows Forms application for building the user interface of ribbon bar, it may take up large screen, so that the control provides the collapsing of ribbon bar support. There are two collapsing modes available to the users while using the KetticRibbonBar WinForms control, base collapsing and group collapsing.

KetticRibbonBar Base Collapsing

The base collapsing mode is able to collapse the entire groups of ribbon bar and hide them from view. This is achieved by double clicks on main tab that has been chosen. If the users need to display the groups again, they can simply perform double clicks on the main tab that has been chosen.

KetticRibbonBar Group Collapsing

The group collapsing mode is able to collapse the groups into rectangles one by one when we modify the size of a Windows Form with a KetticRibbonbar control. The group collapsing mode will not display all the controls, but display these controls in a drop down arrow. When the users want to display the groups that have been hidden, they can click the drop down arrow.
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