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Create and Apply Contextual Tab Groups

KetticRibbonBar control for Windows Forms provides the Contextual Tab Groups for the users to group tabs in a context. This functionality will enhance the user interface of the RibbonBar control. The users of the KetticRibbonBar control can easily add the Contextual Tab Groups to the KetticRibbonBar by using C# code or in the Visual Studio designer. In the Visual Studio designer, we can easy and quick to associate the Tabs with a Contextual Tab Group.

Create Contextual Tab Group with Associated Tabs

To create a Contextual Tab Groups and associated tabs with the Contextual Tab Groups, we can follow the steps below.
  1. In your current .NET project, click Add New Item to create a KetticRibbonForm, or change the base C# class of a standard Windows Forms to KetticRibbonForm.
  2. Open the designer in KetticRibbonForm in your project, and then choose the KetticRibbonBar .NET control.
  3. Click Add New Tab… to add four tabs in the KetticRibbonBar control, and assign their names as, Write, Insert, Layout, Formatting
  4. Click Add Context… to create two Contextual Tab Groups and then call the appearance of Contextual Tab Group.
  5. Add the Formatting tab and Layout tab on the Appearance group and by drag and drop them onto it.

Position and Size the Contextual Tab Group in RibbonBar

  • The added Formatting tab and Layout tab determines the position of the Contextual Tab Group.
  • We need to resize the Contextual Tab Group to fit the lengths of both tabs and the Contextual Tab Group must be larger than the sum of the lengths of the tabs.
  • The Tabs associated with a Contextual Tab Group will be positioned at the end of the TabStrip
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