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Using Key Tips in RibbonBar

KetticRibbonBar .NET component allows the designers to use the Key tips to discover the keyboard shortcuts for any items of KetticRibbonBar control for C# Windows Forms applications. All the valid key tips can be shown at any time by pressing and releasing the Alt key. The KetticRibbonBar is directly built from the Office 2007 user interface design guidelines and Office 2010 user interface innovations, so that it completely supports the ribbon bar interface. The elements and specifications of ribbon interface support include tabs, groups, controls of buttons, menus, combo, automatic ribbon size adjustment, popup, backstage view, and more.

Create Key Tips to Items on KetticRibbonBar

The Key tips are used to build keyboard shortcuts to discover the entire items of KetticRibbonBar control. The KeyTips property is included in all the elements of KetticRibbonBar component, such as,
  • Tabs of RibbonBar,
  • KetticRibbonbar groups,
  • RibbonBar buttons,
  • contextual tab group,
  • Start Menu of ribbon,
  • quick access toolbar,
To show the key tips of these elements, we can press and release the Alt key. When you press the Alt key, the top level key tips will appear. In addition, when we press the 4 key, we can select the Write tab and show the key tips for the RibbonBar control. And when we press the 1 key, we can select the Clip Art function.
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