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C# Create Key Tips in RibbonBar

KetticRibbonBar WinForms control allows the users to add Key tips to add discoverable keyboard shortcuts for the KetticRibbonBar items. KetticRibbonBar component can be seamlessly integrated into your .NET Forms projects and other controls. And the UI designers can codelessly manage all the functionality of the Windows Forms application in a compact toolbar control. It is easy to extend and implement the RibbonBar control in ribbon form. KetticRibbonBar also provides fully customizable application menu support, Office 2010 backstage view support, and nested controls.

Add Key Tips to Items on KetticRibbonBar

The Key tips are able to create keyboard shortcuts to the KetticRibbonBar items. KetticRibbonBar provides the KeyTip property for all the elements, such as tabs, KetticRibbonbar groups, buttons, contextual tab group, start menu, quick access toolbar, and more. When we want to add shortcuts keys to anyone of these KetticRibbonBar elements, we can just modify the Key tips property of the element by add letters or numbers. To show the shortcuts available at the current level, we can press the Alt key. To cancel the shortcuts that displayed, we need to press a key to trigger an action.
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