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KetticRibbonBar Localization in C#.NET

KetticRibbonBar control allows users easily access and customize the localization of the control to a specific language. With the localization support, developers can build Windows Forms applications that can show text and messages in the language used by the users of the application. The following is the C# tutorial that shows how to access KetticRibbonBar control and set the localization.

Localize Options and Exit Buttons in C# for KetticRibbonBar

The localization of KetticRibbonBar control can be accomplished through customizing the buttons and elements of the ribbon bar items. This control is capable of localizing the strings of the Options and Exit buttons of the application menu. The C# code below demonstrates how to modify the Text properties of the OptionsButton and ExitButton.

ketticRibbonBar1.RibbonBarElement.OptionsButton.Text = "Options";
ketticRibbonBar1.RibbonBarElement.ExitButton.Text = "Exit";

Localize RibbionBar QuickAccessToolbar in C#

KetticRibbonBar control provides the LocalizeSettings property of RibbonBarElement to customize the QuickAccessToolbar. The C# code below shows how to localize the QuickAccessToolbar by setting the LocalizationSettings property.

ketticRibbonBar1.LocalizationSettings.DisplayQuickAccessMenuBelowItemText = "French Display beneath ribbon bar";
ketticRibbonBar1.LocalizationSettings.MinimizeRibbonItemText = "ENG Minimize ribbon bar";
ketticRibbonBar1.LocalizationSettings.ShowQuickAccessMenuAboveItemText = "French Display above ribbon bar";
ketticRibbonBar1.LocalizationSettings.MaximizeRibbonItemText = "French Maximize ribbon bar";
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