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Filtering Nodes of KetticTreeView in C#.NET

Kettic TreeView WinForms control offers the node filtering support and rich C# API to manipulate the data of the control. It is really easy to perform the node filtering operations on the fly when you exposed event for filtering. The rich C# API and complete set of events provided help the users fully control all data filtering functionalities. Developers can easily add, delete, update items at runtime, as well as create hierarchical navigation simply while perform the node filtering.

Filtering Nodes of KetticTreeView in Windows Forms

With the unlimited data filtering for nodes in KetticTreeView, the users can easily include various columns as the business needs. The node filtering functionality provides the full control over the data through applying the filtering criteria both in C# code in Windows Forms and creation of filter expressions manually by end users.
KetticTreeView perform the node filtering functionality by using the Text property. When we want to apply the filtering, we need to enable the Text property for the desired text value. The simple C# code snippet below demonstrates how to apply the node filtering to the KetticTreeView instance in C#.NET project.

this.ketticTreeView1.Filter = "new";
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