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C# Finding Nodes of KetticTreeView

KetticTreeView control is capable of finding nodes of KetticTreeView control for Windows Forms and contains the rich C# API for the interface designers to manage the data. We can easily expose the filtering event in C#.NET project to perform the sorting node operations on the fly in KetticTreeView .NET component. With the rich C# API and complete set of finding events included in the KetticTreeView component help the users to fully control the searching functionalities for nodes. The developers can easily add, delete, update items at runtime as well as create hierarchical navigation for nodes of KetticTreeView control.

Methods for Finding Node in KetticTreeView in C#.NET

KetticTreeView control for Windows Forms provides two different methods for the developers to build the functionality of searching for nodes in tree view.
  • Find, this Find method is capable of finding a specific node based on the text or a built in Predicate, and then returns the first node matching the finding criteria
  • FindNodes, this method contains the overloads for finding node based on text or a custom Predicate, and then returns the nodes array

C# Searching Node in KetticTreeView in Windows Forms

The C# code snippet below shows the way of finding a node according to the text, as well as the way of using a Predicate to return the nodes whose Tag isn’t null.

KetticTreeNode resultOfSearch = ketticTreeView1.Find("Child Node");

Predicate<KetticTreeNode> match = new Predicate<KetticTreeNode>(delegate(KetticTreeNode node)
return node.Tag != null ? true : false;
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