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ExplorerBarView Mode of PageView in C#.NET

Kettic PageView control contains the ExplorerBar mode for the users to manage the multiple pages at once in C#.NET template projects. By using the ExplorerBar mode of KetticPageView control, the users are able to change the content size, set the stack positions, expand or collapse a page, apply the explorer bar events, scroll the content, and use the keyboard navigation.

Content Sizing Support by ExplorerBar Mode

The ExplorerBar view mode of KetticPageView contains three different content size modes for the expanded pages, including FixedLength, AutoSizeToBestFit, and EqualLength. To customize the size of the expanded pages, we shall switch to the ExplorerBar view mode, and returns an instance of the KetticPageViewExplorerBarElement C# class and cast it to the appropriate type and customize the ContentSizeMode property.

Set ExplorerBar Stack Position

The ExplorerBar mode of KetticPageView control is capable of two stack positions, Top and Left. The users of the KetticPageView component are able to set the explorer bar view either to top or left.

ExplorerBar Pages Expanding or Collapsing

KetticPageView ExplorerBar View mode supports of expanding or collapsing a page by clicking on the item. The pages expanding and collapsing can also be accomplished by using C# code via setting the VisilizeContent property defined in the KetticPageViewPage C# class.

ExplorerBar C# Events

KetticPageView ExplorerBar mode contains four exclusive specific events that will be fired when changing the state of a page. They are ExpandPage event, ExpandedPage event, CollapsePage event, and CollapsedPage event.

Scroll Content in ExplorerBar

KetticPageView ExplorerBar mode provides the support of scrolling content. When the expanded content exceeds the bounds of the KetticPageView, a scroll bar will appear in the expanded pages.
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