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Create slick looking tab strip or panel, overlapping tabs, organize content, insert images into items
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Add Pages to KetticPageView using C# Code

The PageView Control for Windows Forms has pretty excellent performance when managing large amounts of page views. By using this PageView Control, developers can easily build slick appearance tab strip and panel bar, mimic Navigation Pane of Outlook, vertical, hierarchical or overlapping tabs, insert images into items, add templates, and more. The PageView Control for Windows Forms provides extended architecture to views large amounts of pages.
It is possible to add KetticPageViewPages to KetticPageView WinForms control using C# code. To accomplish this, we shall create an instance of KetticPageViewPage and add the instance to the Pages collection of KetticPageView. The properties can be configured while creating the instance. The C# code below shows how to add pages to the control.

KetticPageViewPage pageOne = new KetticPageViewPage();
pageOne.Text = "Page One";

KetticPageViewPage pageTwo = new KetticPageViewPage();
pageTwo.Text = "Page Two";

Add UI Controls to KetticPageViewPage

After adding pages to the KetticPageView control, we can also add other Kettic UI controls to the KetticPageViewPage using C# code. This is accomplished by adding the controls that we need to the Controls collection of the specific page. The C# code below demonstrates how to add a menu user interface control to the pages.

KetticMenu menu = new KetticMenu();
button.Text = "My Menu";

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