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PageView Overflow Grip Mode in C#.NET

KetticPageView provides the Overflow Grip for the users to customize the visible items. It is able to increase or decrease the amount of visible items and change the amount of visible items available to show current content in the Outlook View. KetticPageView allows the users to add and remove visible items from the overflow panel in the stack by dragging the Overflow Grip in the corresponding direction.

Apply Overflow Grip in C# code

KetticPageView .NET UI component is capable of applying the overflow grip in C# code. To use the Overflow Grip in C#.NET projects, we shall cast the ViewElement property of KetticPageView to KetticPageViewOutlookElement and access the methods of the KetticPageViewOutlookElement C# class. And then we shall call the methods by using the C# code below,

KetticPageViewOutlookElement outlookElement = this.ketticPageView1.ViewElement as KetticPageViewOutlookElement;

Hide or Display Items of in C# code

KetticPageView .NET UI component allows the users to hide or display the visible items. This is accomplished by using the HideItems and ShowItems methods respectively. These two methods are able to specify how many items will be hidden or displayed at once. When the users hide the items using the overflow grip, the items will show as a strip of buttons on the overflow panel below the stack. It is also possible to choose and display the content of the corresponding item by using these buttons.

KetticPageViewOutlookElement outlookElement = this.ketticPageView1.ViewElement as KetticPageViewOutlookElement;

Apply Events of Overflow Grip in C#.NET

There are two events, CollapseItem and DisplayItem, exposed by the KetticPageViewOutlookElement used to notify the state of an item when any changes happened using the overflow grip. The CollapseItem event will be fired for the item collapsed by dragging the overflow grip and the DisplayItem will be fired for the item by dragging the overflow grip.

Apply Events of Overflow Panel in C#.NET

The Items can be collapsed by using the C# API or the KetticPageView UI control and they will be added to the Overflow Panel after collapsing. When the KetticPageViewOutlookElement exposes the ItemAssociatedButtonClicked event, KetticPageView control will notify the users who have clicked on an item from the Overflow Panel.

Overflow Grip and Overflow Menu in C#.NET

To display or hide the item from the stack in C#.NET projects, the Overflow Menu of the KetticPageView exposes the Display More Buttons and Display Fewer Buttons to trigger the DragGripUp and DragGripDown.
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