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Custom Selection Stack Mode of KetticPageView

The Stack view mode of KetticPageView provides flexible customization support on stack selection of the control. It is able to display the content of the chosen item above or next to the stack based on the stack orientation. The Stack view mode contains various orientations to position the stack items based on the content area, which will be positioned by the selection mode based on the chosen items. The users of the KetticPageView control are able to show the content next or top of the stack items, or next to the chosen item.

Stack Selection Modes of KetticPageView Support

The Stack View mode of KetticPageView component offers three different selection modes, the Standard mode, the SelectContent mode and the SelectedContent mode. The Standard mode is the default setting. These modes could position the content area based on the chosen items.
  • Standard selection mode, this mode is the default setting and position the content area next to the stack position regardless of the item that has be chosen.
  • SelectContent selection mode, this mode positions the content area according to the item that has been chosen and is not in the stack direction
  • SelectedContent selection mode, this mode positions the content area according to the selected item in the stack direction.

Customize Stack Selection Modes using C# code

When we want to set the stack selection mode of KetticPageView, we shall use the SelectItemMode property of KetticPageViewStackElement. In the example below, the KetticPageView control ViewElement property will return a reference to the main element of the current view in the control. We should set the ViewMode of the control to a specific view type which represents the element casted by the ViewElement. The C# code below shows how to customize the stack selection mode for the page views.

KetticPageViewStackElement stackElement = this.ketticPageView1.ViewElement as KetticPageViewStackElement;
stackElement.ItemSelectionMode = StackViewItemSelectionMode.SelectContent;
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