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Overflow Menu of PageView Control in C#.NET

The Outlook Mode of KetticPageView WinForms control provides the Overflow Menu for the users to permanently hide and display the items from the stack. The Overflow Menu allows the users to determine if an item will be placed in the stack. When hiding an item permanently from the stack, the item will not be chosen from the user interface. The users of KetticPageView .NET control are able to hide an item by displaying the overflow menu and the complete items will be available in the drop down list of the Add or Remove Buttons item in the Outlook View.

Apply Overflow Menu in C# code

KetticPageView UI control provides the C# API included in the KetticPageViewOutlookElement to check and uncheck items. To use the Overflow Menu in C#.NET projects, we shall cast the ViewElement property of KetticPageView to KetticPageViewOutlookElement and access the methods of the KetticPageViewOutlookElement C# class. And then we shall call the methods by using the C# code below,

KetticPageViewOutlookElement outlookElement = this.ketticPageView1.ViewElement as KetticPageViewOutlookElement;
outlookElement.UncheckItem(this.ketticPageViewPage1.Item as KetticPageViewOutlookItem);
outlookElement.CheckItem(this.ketticPageViewPage1.Item as KetticPageViewOutlookItem);
In the C# code above, the CheckItem and UncheckItem methods will accept an instance of the KetticPageViewOutlookItem C# class. And we need to cast the returned result to the type that are required for the Item property of the KetticPageViewPage C# class is of the KetticPageViewItem type.

Apply Events of Overflow Menu in C#.NET

There are two events, CheckedItem and UncheckedItem, exposed by the KetticPageViewOutlookElement C# class used to notify the users that an action has been triggered by the Overflow Menu. The CheckedItem event will be fired when the item is put back in the stack of Outlook View by calling the CheckItem method or using the user interface. The UncheckedItem event will be fired when the item is hidden from the stack of Outlook View by calling the UncheckItem method or using the user interface.
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