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Backstage View Mode of KetticPageView

KetticPageView Backstage View Mode is an extended StripView mode and all customizations applied to the strip view will apply to the Backstage View mode. In the Backstage View mode, the items of KetticPageViewPage are shown on the left side and can also be easily customized. This mode is capable of all four orientations which defines the relation between the content and the item area and allows the users to add group items of KetticPageViewPage.

Apply Backstage View Mode to C#.NET Applications

To apply the Backstage View mode to C# Windows Forms applications, we can the steps as below.
  1. Open your existing Windows Forms projects or create a new .NET template project
  2. Go to the toolbox of your project, drag KetticPageView control and drop the control to your form
  3. Change the view mode to Backstage mode by using the SmartTag drop down and add a few groups and KetticPageViewPages.
  4. Configure the Text and Image properties of each page respectively as needs
  5. Drag the controls that are needed from the Toolbox and drop them to the content area on each page.
  6. Finally, run the project you are designing and click on the page item to check the result.
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