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Strip View Mode of PageView in C#.NET

KetticPageView WinForms control is an alternative component and ships the entire functionalities of the KetticTabStrip and KetticPanelBar controls. This control provides easier approach and improves the performance. The PageView component is built on a platform that owns large flexibility and extensibility and completely supports the Kettic UI Framework. It allows the users easily implement different layout scenarios fast.

Create PageView in Strip View Mode in C#.NET

To create a page view in strip view mode in your .NET Forms project, we can follow the steps as below:
  1. Open your existing Windows Forms project or create a new one
  2. Drag a KetticPageView control from the toolbox and drop on your form
  3. Create KetticPageView by clicking the Smart Tag of KetticPageView and then click the Add Page link. Here we will create four PageViewsPages.
  4. Open the Action Menu, select the option, All, from the strip buttons drop-down list to add an overflow button to the default scroll and close buttons.
  5. Align the items to bottom in the content area by setting the Strip Alignment to Bottom.
  6. Add four images to your project as resources. Choose each of the four created KetticPageViewPages, and add an image to it by setting the Image property.
  7. Add text to the content areas of the PageViewPages. Choose each of the four created KetticPageViewPages, and add content to the pages by setting the Text property and dragging the appropriate controls in the content area of the pages.
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