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C# Blocks Formatting in Text Box Control

The Kettic Text Box Control are build for .NET UI designers to retrieve the input string that are typed by users or show the text in the text box control. There are various powerful features of the Auto Completion Box Control, such as the different layout modes, auto-complete in bound and unbound mode of Outlook style, theming mechanism and customizable appearance, selection and navigation, localizable context menu, and flexible and intuitive API.

C# Code for Blocks Formatting

The Kettic Text Box Control for Windows Forms allows UI designers customize the appearance for each instance of ITextBlock. The C# code below shows how to easily subscribe to the FormattingTextBlock event, which only occurs while relocating the text blocks. It will also happens in editing, resizing control and more. It is necessary to subscribe to the FormattingTextBlock event before the Text property being initialized.

this.ketticTextBoxControl.TextBlockFormatting = this.TextBlockFormatting;
this.ketticTextBoxControl.Text = "Text Typed to Box";

private void TextBlockFormatting(object sender, Kettic.WinForms.UI.TextBlockFormattingEventArgs e)
TextBlockElement textBlock = e.TextBlock as TextBlockElement;

if (textBlock != null && e.TextBlock.Text == "Typed")
textBlock.ForeColor = Color.Yellow;
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