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Windows Forms Browse Editor Control
Easily type the full path to a file by choosing a file or a directory from the file system
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C# Browse Editor WinForms Control Overview

The Kettic Browse Editor WinForms Control is .NET component that is designed for .NET UI designers to build user friendly application. The C# Browse Editor WinForms Control provides the support of themes predefined in the WinForms UI Suite and custom themes. It allows users to type full path to the file in according the selection of a file or a directory from the file system.

Browse Editor Customizing

The steps below show the process how to customize the button image by using the Kettic Browse Editor WinForms Control.
  1. Open your .NET project, drag a Kettic Browse Editor Control and a Button Control, and drop on a form.
  2. Choose the Kettic Button Control, and then configure the ShowStyle to Image in the Property Window
  3. Choose the Kettic Browse Editor Control, and hit the Events tab in the Property Window
  4. Locate the event, ValueAdjusted, and create an event handler by double clicking this event.
  5. Copy and paste the C# code snippet to the event handler.
  6. Debug the Windows Forms application and click the browse button and click the image to verify if the button control applys the image.

private void browseEditor_ValueChanged(object sender, EventArgs e)
this.button.Image = Image.FromFile(this.browseEditor.Value);

Properties of Browse Editor Control

Value, this is the property used to configure the value to the browse editor control
ReadOnly, this is a property used to prevent direct text entry and change the value via browse button when it is true.
DialogType, this is a property used to open a type of dialog while clicking the browse button. The available dialog types include the Open File Dialog to choose a file and Folder Browser Dialog to choose a directory.

Events of Browse Editor Control

ChangeValue, The ChangeValue event is used to prevent changing the value before the value changes. It is able to pass a parameter, ChangeValueEventArgs, in which the OldValue, NewValue and Cancel properties are contained. The Cancel property determines if preventing the changes. The following C# code shows how to cancel the value changing.

private void browseEditor_ValueChanging(object sender, ValueChangingEventArgs e)
e.Cancel = !File.Exists(e.NewValue.ToString());
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