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Windows Forms Time Picker Control
Create interactive time UI experience for your windows forms applications.
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Time Picker WinForms Control

The Kettic Time Picker WinForms control is able to create interactive Time UI experience for their Windows Forms applications. It is allowed the end users to type time value to the field of the Time Picker control to edit as demand. Additionally, it provides drop down time for users to choose both the hours and the minutes. There are clock controls, which support both twelve and twenty four hours time format, and another two tables for hours and minutes included in the drop down available to end users.

Features of the Date Time WinForms Control

  • The Picker control can be seamlessly integrated into other controls and is able to build a comprehensive time input interface for Windows Forms applications.
  • The Time Picker control is capable of shipping the predefined themes from the UI WinForms Controls Suite
  • Custom theme building support allows user build themes that are not defined
  • The interactive Time Picker WinForms control completely support internationalization.
  • This Time WinForms control contains multiple built-in Time formats or custom formats for developers and end users.
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