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Text Editing in C# with Editors WinForms Control

The Kettic Auto Completion Box Control is designed for .NET UI Designers to easily fill in text. This functionality resembles the behavior of To field of the Outlook, in which users can fill in the recipients to send a new message. There are various powerful features of the Auto Completion Box Control, such as the different layout modes, auto-complete in bound and unbound mode of Outlook style, theming mechanism and customizable appearance, selection and navigation, localizable context menu, and flexible and intuitive API.
The Kettic Auto Completion Box Control provides caret position and selection in Auto Complete Box control to determine the editing point, and only if focusing the Auto Complete Box control, it is possible to visualize the editing position.
The Auto Completion Box Control offers the Insert method to add text in C# code at a specific position and the SelectStart property determines the position that the text will be inserted. When the value of the SelectLength is larger than 0, the inserting text will replace the selected text.

private void Insert()
this.autoCompleteBox.Text = "New York;";
this.autoCompleteBox.CaretIndex = 0;
The AppendText method will allows developers to add text alternatively at the end of the Auto Complete Box content with the C# code snippet below,

private void Append()
this.autoCompleteBox.Text = "Customer Services;";
this.autoCompleteBox.AppendText("Operation Department;");
The Delete method will allows developers to delete the selected text or character at the caret position with the C# code snippet below,

private void DeleteText()
this.autoCompleteBox.Text = "USA;Brazil;Germany;Bulgaria;Serbia;";
this.autoCompleteBox.Select(0, 6);
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