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Editors Control for Windows Forms
Powerful data input control for WinForms application, flexible data entry controls, strict validation
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Work with C# Text Edit Box Control

The Text Edit Box Control is a C# component which support the predefined themes included in the .NET UI WinForms Control. It is used to format and constrain text to a pattern that has been predefined or defined by users. This Text Edit Box Control entirely provides the support of globalization which allows users edit the date and time and navigation with the arrow keys like up and down.

C# Properties of Editors Control

The Text Edit Box Control is a descendant of the Text Box control so that it descends all the same properties, methods and events of the Kettic Text Box. The following are the unique key properties of Text Edit Box Control.
  • TextEditBoxType, this property is used to how the control will interpret the themes, whose valid values contains,
    • None, this property will not apply any themes to the Text Edit Box Control
    • Numeric, this property is used to display the percent values, decimal values, currency, fixed point values.
    • IP property allows you to input the IP address only 3 digits in four groups in 0-255 range.
    • Standard, this property is used to show standard characters.
    • Regex, it will be used to check for at least one character in this range in the text of Edit Box
    • Email, allows you input the valid mail if this invalid email is input
  • TextInput, this property is used to constrain the user input string of characters. It is able to contain literals and special characters and interpret the characters. Any blank space occupied by a character will be shown as the PromptChar property character at runtime.
  • PromptChar, this property is used to standard for the character shown in any blank space defined by a TextEditBox character.
  • Culture, the culture property is used to set the current language and culture from a drop down list at design time or assign a new CultureInfo instance at run time.
  • Value, the Value property is used to return none formatting characters that user input.
  • NullText, this property is used to display the text when the Value property is null.

Events of Text Editor Box Control

The Text Editor Box Control provides the support to handle the ChangeValue and ChangedValue events. The ChangeValue will pass a CancelEventArgs parameter with Cancel property to prevent changing the value.
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