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Windows Forms Time Picker Control
Create interactive time UI experience for your windows forms C# applications.
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Time Picker Control C# Tutorial

The Kettic Time Picker WinForms control allows the end users to type time value to the field of the Time Picker control and edit as demand. Additionally, it provides drop down time for users to choose both the hours and the minutes. There are clock controls, which support both twelve and twenty four hours time format, and another two tables for hours and minutes included in the drop down available to end users.

How to Use the Time Picker in C#

The following are the steps that show how to use the Time Picker control in Windows Forms application. Users can follow the tutorial to configure the functionalities and customize the control.
  1. Open your Windows Forms template project that you are working.
  2. Drag the Time Picker component from the toolbox and drop on the form.
  3. Select the Step property from the properties windows and change the minute’s interval as desired.
  4. Switch to the Culture property, and customize the hour format as desired. The hour formats available include 12-hour format and 24-hour format.
  5. If we need to show the clock on the top of the popup, just change the value of the property, ClockLocation, as ClockAboveTables. Then the clock will be popup.
  6. We can adjust the value of NullText property to null to show the text in the Time Picker control in Time Picker control.
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