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Text Box WinForms Control Overview

The Text Box of Kettic Editor Control provides all the same features of the standard for Windows Forms text box tool as well as additional various properties to enhance your UI building ability. .NET UI designers can easily customize the text box WinForms control. It can be used to edit text and show text in read only mode as well. With this powerful Text Box control, it is able to display multiple lines, wrap text, and perform text block etc.

Features of Text Box Control

Auto completion mode support, this feature will complete the entire text as users type a few characters and resemble the text entry while filling in the field of URLs, addresses, file names or commands etc. The Kettic Auto Complete Box Control completely inherits all features of Text Box WinForms Control. The modes can also be easily bound and unbound.
Custom appearance and themes support, the Kettic Text Box Control allows .NET UI Designers to customize the appearance to the Text Box control. With the themes support, developers can utilize the predefined themes of the Text Box Control or create custom themes as demand.
Selection and navigation support, this feature allows .NET UI designers build easy to use selection and navigation for their Windows Forms application.
Localizable context menu, the Text Box Control entirely supports the localization for building Windows Forms application. .NET UI designers can localize the Text Box Control to display text and message in a particular language.
Flexible and intuitive API, the flexible and intuitive C# API are included in the Text Box Control and will let users easily apply the control into their Windows Forms C# application.
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