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Chart Feature Wise Labels in ASP.NET
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Information to Chart Wise Labels Feature

Sometimes, if we display many data series points within a chart, you may meet a problem that these data points may be demonstrated so close to each other that you can hardly read them. Under this situation, what can we do? With the purpose to help users solve this data reading problem, we add this chart wise label feature which can largely increase the readability of the busy chart. In this tutorial article, we will show you how to define the intelligent labels using C# code in asp.net web projects.
Therefore, the wise label chart feature refers to the functionality that enables each labeled data value to be presented clearly in the chart by automatically re-aligns labels. To put it in a simple way, this chart intelligent label feature effectively prevents the colliding issue of labeled data. Here you can view our wise labels free online demo. This intelligent label feature can be used in almost all the web chart elements, such as html chart title, legend, axis label, data series items and so on.

Sample for Using Wise Labels Feature

Actually, users can easily re-align data labels by simply setting the Wise Labels property to true. In this part, we will guide you how to call this wise label property with sample aspx code and C#.NET code.


<kettic:Kax Chart runat="server” ID="KaxChart1" EnableWiseLabel ="true">

C# Code

KaxChart1. EnableWiseLabel= true;
In order to make you have a more direct understanding of this wise label chart feature, here we attach the images which aim to show the result of turning the auto layout function on.
set chart wise label feature in asp.net ajax using c#
Note: In order to meet the basic needs of running the KaxChart control, please make sure that your ASP.NET web application has installed NET Framework 3.5 or above versions and that you have installed all the necessary dlls from our ASP.NET AJAX SDK into your ASP.NET web application.

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