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Chart Feature Scale Breaks in ASP.NET
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Information to Scale Breaks

What is scale breaks in web chart? A scale break is a stripe that is added to the chart across the chart plot area for dividing an axis range into several small parts. And the number of scale breaks in the chart is not limited and the appearance of the scale breaks can be richly styled by setting proper size, color and line style.
What can we do with this scale breaks chart feature? The direct benefit of applying this scale breaks chart feature is that you can easily show different distinct ranges in the same chart plot area. Then you can make an easy comparison between low and high data values. Or you can even remove some unnecessary space when series data values have a significant difference in ranges.
In this online tutorial, we will guide you how to break off the whole chart plot area using the axis scale breaks feature.

How to Set Scale Breaks Programmatically

The KaxChart control from our UI for ASP.NET AJAX offers three properties for users to use this chart axis scale breaks feature freely in their different applications, which are MaxCount, Appearance and Width. And in this section, we will firstly give a brief introduction to the functions of each supported properties and then we will attach two snippets of sample programming codes for customizing the axis scale breaks feature.
  • MaxCount: this scale breaks chart feature allows users to add any number of richly styled breaks in the target web chart. And the MaxCount refers to the number of the breaks that users want to add to the chart.
  • Appearance: this property is responsible for the general line appearance style of the axis breaks. For instance, you can fully customize the line style by setting right penstyle, color, proper startcap & endcap and the width of the line.
  • Width: this property controls the width of the axis breaks.

ASPX Sample Code to Set Scale Breaks Chart Feature

<AxisY ScaleBreaks-Enabled="true" ScaleBreaks-MaxCount="4" ScaleBreaks-Line-Color="Black" ScaleBreaks-Line-PenStyle="Solid" ScaleBreaks-Width="10">

C# Code to Set Scale Breaks Chart Feature

KaxChart2.Diagram.AxisY.ScaleBreaks.Enabled = true;
KaxChart2.Diagram.AxisY.ScaleBreaks.MaxCount = 4;
KaxChart2.Diagram.AxisY.ScaleBreaks.Line.PenStyle = System.Drawing.Drawing2D.DashStyle.Solid;
KaxChart2.Diagram.AxisY.ScaleBreaks.Line.Color = System.Drawing.Color.Black;
KaxChart2.Diagram.AxisY.ScaleBreaks.Width = 10;
To help you better know the effect that this axis scale breaks feature can bring to target chart, here we specifically attach an image which demonstrate the result of applying the scale break feature.
set chart scale breaks feature in asp.net ajax using c#

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