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Create a Simple Chart in ASP.NET AJAX
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The KaxChart component is a user-directed control what aims to help users create a richly-styled and function-customized chart in ASP.NET developing platform. Thus, to help you have a general impression of the working process of the KaxChart control, we present this online guiding tutorial which will demonstrate a programming example of creating a simple chart using UI SDK for ASP.NET AJAX.
The whole ASP.NET AJAX chart creating process can be divided into following several parts. And in following text, we will guide you to build a chart in ASP.NET application step by step.

Create an ASP.NET Web Application

  1. From the Visual Studio 2010 File menu select New | Web Site.
  2. Select the "ASP.NET Web Site" and define the site with a name and location path.
    create chart in asp.net ajax step 1

Add Chart Control to Web Page

  1. Drag an AjaxPanel component from the Toolbox to the default web page.
  2. Drag a Chart component from the Toolbox into that AjaxPanel item.

Add Chart Data

  • Switch to the Design view of the default web page and Click the KaxChart's SmartTag.
  • From the SmartTag "Data" section, click the ellipses for the Chart Series Collection.
    create chart in asp.net ajax step 2
  • Find the members list on the left and click "Series 1". Then locate the Name property in the property window.
    create chart in asp.net ajax step 3
  • Locate the Items property in the property window.
  • Click the ellipses button of the Items property to open the ChartSeriesItem Collection Editor.
  • Click the Add button to add a new Item,and change the YValue property in the property window on the right side.
    create chart in asp.net ajax step 4
  • Close the ChartSeriesItem Collection Editor by clicking button "OK".

Customize Chart Appearance

  1. Click the "Open Configuration Wizard" link at the bottom of the KaxChart Tasks menu.
    create chart in asp.net ajax step 5
  2. Select desired skin on the Skin tab. Here we choose the BabyBlue skin.
  3. Click on the Labels, legend & Title Tab and select all the Visible checkboxes that are located below the sections of Series Labels, Legend and Title.
  4. Keep the default values of other tabs.
  5. Run the application to view the created chart.
Here we attach an image which shows the result of above ASP.NET chart creating application. If you met any problem in the ASP.NET chart creating process, please feel free to contact us. By the way, the KaxChart control is compatible with .NET Framework 3.5 and later versions.
chart created and view in the asp.net web page