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Chart Feature Shadow in ASP.NET
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Kettic asp.net chart control provides shadow feature to make your web chart look more special and beautiful. For example, if you create a bar chart, with the shadow setting, you can find behind the bar graphs, at the background, there may appear an extra graphs to make the bar three dimensional view.

Add shadow to chart in ASP.NET

Kettic asp.net chart component supply rich shadow properties, by changing them, user can make customized web chart view. You can define the Shadow.Blur, Shadow.Distance, Shadow.Position and Shadow.Color properties mainly. Both in class with C# code and design mode with aspx code are supported.
Following is a online demo for adding shadow to your asp.net chart.

<StyleSet Shadow-Blur="10" Shadow-Distance="6">
<Fill PrimaryColor="243, 246, 0" SecondColor="243, 246, 100">
And the shadow view looks like below.