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Chart Elements in ASP.NET AJAX
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Chart Element Descriptions

Plot Area

The element plot area refers to the working area that are positioned between X and Y axes. If you want to see detailed instructions for the properties of the plot area chart and sample codes for customizing the plot area, you can go to the plot area page.


The chart element series contains a set of data points that will be displayed in the chart. And users can display each series with different chart types. For most chart type, except pie chart which can only display one data series, the number of series or the number of items that are contained in one series is not fixed and it can range from 1 to N. View more, please visit the series page.


Axes are used in all chart types, except pie chart. And this element has two dimensions, which are X & Y axes. With these axes, the data points can be accurately demonstrated within the coordinate system. We offer more detailed information for axes at this Axes page.


The element legend is mainly used to specify each data series with a symbol and a name. And sometimes, we may also use it to show the items. Similar to other chart elements, the settings for legend can be also fully customized. To view more, please go to this Legend page.


The element title controls the headline of the whole chart. And the font style, color and position of title are all self-defined. If you want to view detailed codes for setting chart title, please visit the Title page.


The small marks which are located at the axes are called ticks. They are mainly used for identifying the position of items and the starting point of gridlines. Detailed information about tick can be found at Tick page.

Data Table

The element data table is a table that is displayed in the form of spreadsheet and is often placed below the chart. It contains all the information that will be displayed in the chart, including the data categories and data values. And this ASP.NET AJAX SDK enables users to freely customize the settings of data table. If you want to see the detailed coding guidance for data table, please visit Data Table.
Note: more chart elements will be added in the next version.