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Create a Simple DropDownList in ASP.NET AJAX
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This page is arranged to show users how to create an ASP.NET web application that can be implemented with KT.UI PerDropDownList control and set up users own DropDownList embedded with other elements in design time.
There are mainly three aspects that can summarize information of this online tutorial:
  • Operation guides on how to create a web ASP.NET application within Visual Studio
  • How to add DropDownList control of KT.UI SDK to the built web page
  • Step by step guides on customizing DropDownList properties within ASP.NET project

How to Create an ASP.NET Web Application

KT.UI PerDropDownList component can be seamlessly integrated within Visual Studio 2010, 2012 or any later version in ASP.NET web application. Thus, before users can directly refer to following detailed guides, please be sure that you have installed and started Visual Studio 2010 or any above version on your computer at first.
To be frank, create an ASP.NET web project within Visual Studio is quite easy that can be finished with two steps.
  1. Please select New | Web Site from the Visual Studio file menu;
  2. Then, select the "ASP.NET Web Site" and enter a name and storage location path. Listed beneath is the sample screenshot for creating ASP.NET application.


How to Add DropDownList Control to Page

After successfully creating an ASP.NET web project, let's come to how to add PerDropDownList control to the web application.
  1. Drag an AjaxPanel component from the Toolbox to the default web page;
  2. Drag and drop a dropdownlist component from the Toolbox into the AjaxPanel.

How to Customize DropDownList Properties

This part focuses on how to define the DropDownList control properties based on users’ needs. In order to offer the intuitive visual effect, we display the corresponding screenshot for each step.
  1. In the Design window of default web page, Click the PerDropDownList's SmartTag;

  2. And then, choose Edit Items from the Smart Tag;

  3. Click the Add item button in the upper left corner, and a new PerDropDownListItem will appear;
  4. Set the Text property to "Orang";
  5. Add other items like the processing of step 3 in this part;
  6. Choose skin from the drop down menu by clicking Skin control.

Following is design sketch for above setting.