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Kettic Input UI for ASP.NET AJAX
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Broadly speaking, KT.UI PerInput control library for ASP.NET AJAX is well arranged to mainly offer users four kinds of input components, which are PerTextBox, PerNumericTextBox, PerMaskedTextBox and PerDateInput. Four different PerInput controls own different features and provide variable and complementary functions. In following part, we will simply demonstrate these four PerInput components respectively.
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  • Brief demonstrations for four PerInput components of KT.UI
  • Overview of features and benefits of KT.UI four PerInput components

Four PerInput Controls Summary

Each one of these four PerInput controls of KT.UI for ASPNET AJAX has its own function and benefit, but with one final goal - that is offering users the most efficient and advanced web page input tool.
  • PerTextBox control: this control allows users to enter and input text values and set all the common textbox properties with sample ASP.NET and C# methods and codes.
  • PerNumericTextBox component: uses are able to input and enter numeric values, which can be number, currency and percent in NumericTextBox Input mode of KT.UI SDK.
  • PerMaskedTextBox toolkit: use the MaskedTextBox control within ASP.NET application to indentify the allowable format of user input and use ASP.NET demo codes to set all the supportable Mask properties.
  • PerDateInput tool:mature and flexible date and time inputting tool on web page without any external third party inputting plug-in, which belongs to KT.UI PerInput control library.

Features Overview of PerInput Controls of KT.UI SDK

These four PerInput controls can be seamlessly combined within ASP.NET and C# ASP.NET programming applications to provide users following features and benefits:
  • Compatible with Visual Studio 2010, 2012 and 2013 developing environments
  • Can be integrated and developed within both ASP.NET and C# ASP.NET projects
  • Full support for text, numeric, currency and percent inputting
  • Allows for single-line and multi-line entering modes for PerTextBox, PerNumericTextBox and PerDateInput controls
  • Label adding and customization are supported for creating totally user-defined PerInput application
  • A number of skins are offered for building an input control that is out of ordinary
  • Extended and simple keyboard and mouse wheel handling support
  • Comprehensive client side and serer side events are supported for better user experience
  • Advanced option for empty message
  • Compatible with all the modern web browsers, like Firefox, Google Chrome, IE, Safari as well as Opera