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ToolTip Overview in ASP.NET AJAX
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Kettic ToolTip control library, a consisting DLL for the Kettic UI Control SDK for ASP.NET AJAX, is a mature and easy to use component designed to create flexible and custom tooltip for elements in your ASP.NET web page.
Built to be used in .NET development environment, this ToolTip control provides seamless compatibility with .NET Framework 4.0 (or above) as well Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 (or above). On top of that, developers can create either a Visual C# or Visual Basic .NET web application for tooltip creation.
In the following section, we will provide details for the general features and functionalities provided by this tooltip control. And you can read on to learn more about it to decide if this control can meet your requirements. Or, you can start now by downloading the free trial package for a thorough evaluation.

Flexible ToolTip Property Settings

Kettic tooltip control library provides you with a variety of properties which you can use to easily create a custom tooltip on your own. Not only do you have full control over the tooltip content/outlook, but you can also freely customize the tooltip appearance and behaviors freely.
We will present a few examples here. Web developers can easily define the location of your tooltip by simply setting the Position and RelativeTo properties. If you want to be more specific, you can also use the OffsetX and OffsetY dimensions to define a precise location.

Create Multiple ToolTip with Manager

ToolTip DLL component is usually used to create a tooltip for a single target control. However, you can also opt for ToolTip Manager to create batch tooltips for a number of target elements in your web page.
Web developers can use this ToolTip Manager when you want to add tooltips for all the elements within a web page, when you want to create tooltips for a number of elements, or when you want to add tooltips with dynamic text content.
Moreover, this tooltip manager control can also enable you to load tooltip content on demand. This is easily achieved either through setting the OnAjaxUpdate event, or you can do it by loading your tooltip content through web service.

Flexible ToolTip Features and Functions

This Kettic ToolTip UI control also includes a few special features and functionalities which you can make use of in order to create a tailored tooltip based on your requirements. Using these cool features, you can easily control tooltip position, animation, modality, and automatic creation.
Take automatic tooltip creation as an example. Users can simply set the AutoToolTip property so you can easily add tooltips for all the elements within a web page in just a second. If you do not intend to add tooltips for all the elements, but just a few of them instead, you can do this through ToolTipZoneID and ClientID settings.

Client Side Events and Server Side Properties

Kettic tooltip control library provides a few client side events which you can utilize to efficiently control your tooltip behaviors as you wish. With the help of these client side events, developers can control the tooltip displaying and hiding behaviors with ease.
In addition, the available server side properties can also help you a lot for the customization of this Kettic ToolTip control for ASP.NET AJAX. For examples, you can use these properties to create a sticky tooltip, specify a desired location, define tooltip display and hide delay time, etc.