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ToolTip Client Side Events in ASP.NET AJAX
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In this guiding page, we will introduce to you some basic client side events which you can use to create and customize a tooltip with Kettic ToolTip UI (User Interface) Control Library for ASP.NET AJAX. Examples as well as corresponding javascript sample codes will be provided as in a Visual Studio ASP.NET web application.
Taking user experience into consideration, Kettic has also provided a number of useful guiding pages for web developers to customize your tooltip component DLL easily. Listed below are simply some of them, and you can find more from the navigation bar on the right side.
In the coming sections, we will mainly focus on four types of client side events: ClientBeforeShow, ClientShow, ClientBeforeHide, and ClientHide. If you want to use these client side events, developers only need to write a javascript function, so that you can call this function when the target event occurs. After that, you only have to assign the name of this javascript function to be the related property value.

ClientBeforeShow Events for ToolTip Control

ClientBeforeShow is the first client side event that we want to introduce to you. This client side event is intended to take place in advance to the appearance of the tool tip. Please note that if you do not want this event to work, you can cancel it freely.
Right now there are three kinds of parameters that can be received by this ClientBeforeShow event handler. Please take a look at the list below to learn more details.
  • This event receives a ToolTip client instance which fires the event.
  • This event receives an Event argument with method.
  • This event receives the set_cancel() method, which you can call so as to cancel this event.

ClientShow Events for ToolTip Library

The second client side event that we want to introduce to you is ClientShow event. As the naming suggests, this event takes place when the tooltip appears. Please bear in mind that this event cannot be redone or called once it occurs.
This ClientShow client side event handler also receives two kinds of parameters. The first one is the ToolTip client instance which actually fires this event. And the other one is the event arguments. If you want to have a try, you can go to the demo page to get a complete sample.

ClientBeforeHide Events for ToolTip Control

The third client side event is the ClientBeforeHide event which takes place right before the tooltip hides itself. You can also cancel this event later if you do not want it.
Similarly, there are also three types of parameters that can be received by this ClientBeforeHide client side event handler. You can check out the list below to learn about each of them.
  • This event handler receives the ToolTip client instance which actually fires this event.
  • This event handler receives an event argument with argument.
  • This event handler also receives the set_cancel() method so you can cancel this event.

ClientHide Events for ToolTip DLL

Now here comes the last client side event, ClientHide, an event that occurs when the tooltip has disappeared from your view. You cannot cancel this event.
There are also two parameters that can be received by this client side event: ToolTip client instance that actually fires this event and corresponding event arguments.