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Kettic ComboBox UI for ASP.NET AJAX
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The ComboBox ASP.NET AJAX Control is a powerful and advanced drop-down component that is specifically designed to display data in a textbox with a list of available options. And in this overview page, we will introduce this web ComboBox Control from two main aspects, which are its advanced functions and its structure.

Advanced Features of ComboBox Control

In this section, we list its main features. And you can view more detailed information about the advanced features that this ASP.NET AJAX control has owned if you visit the links we just attached.

Structure of ComboBox Control

The asp.net ComboBox control contains an input area for displaying selected item, a drop-down toggle for displaying or hiding the drop-down list, a drop-down list for demonstrating a set of items and a collection of items for users to choose from.
If you do not know how to begin a combobox creating application using our ASP.NET AJAX ComboBox control, please visit this tutorial on how to get started with ComboBox Control.