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Overview of Button UI

The PerButton control from ASP.NET AJAX offers developers the APIs to create different button types in aspx web page, including standard button, icon button, image button, link button, toggle button, checkbox button and radio button. Besides, this PerButton component offers rich properties for users to modify and customize the look of target button type. What's more, most of the properties are applicable to almost all the button types, like the properties for button width & height and skin color.
In this article, we will offer an overview of the seven button types supported by our ASP.NET AJAX. For each supported button type, we will attach a brief introduction here which includes the button name, button function and an image screen shot of the button look.
  • Standard button: this is a standard PerButton and this button type can be regarded as the basis of other commonly used button types. The Standard Button offers more information on this button type.
    standard button
  • One icon button: this button can be counted as a standard PerButton with a primary icon. Compared to standard button, this button type can make the button more intuitive. To view detailed information on icon button, please visit the icon button.
    icon button
  • Two icon button: it is, in essence, a standard button with both Primary and Secondary icons..
    icon button
  • Image button: the image button type can be displayed with several different forms, like image button with text and image button with text & icons. The image button allows users to add the source image to button or use the source image as the background of the button. We specifically offer an online article to guide users on how to create an image button in asp.net web application using our ASP.NET AJAX.
    image button
  • Link button: link button can be also regarded as an extension of standard button. It allows users to add a link to the button. And similar to image button, link button can also have one or two icons. If you want to view more specific introduction on this button type, please visit this link button page.
    link button
  • Toggle button: the toggle button can be styled as checkbox, radio or other customized toggle button. More information on toggle button can be found here.
    toggle button
  • Split button: the main benefit of this split button type is that it can enhance the usability of the primary button by adding an extra button next to the main button.
  • Checkbox button: to put it in a simple way, checkbox button is a toggle button which is styled as checkbox. And our PerButton allows users to create a disabled checkbox button as well.
    Checkbox button
  • Radio button: similar to checkbox button, radio button is a toggle button that is displayed as radio button. You can also create a disabled radio button.
    radio button