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Create a Simple Button in ASP.NET AJAX
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From this tutorial, we will offer you a brief guidance on how to create and add a simple button to a web page using ASP.NET AJAX Button UI step by step. The whole process of building a button to web page contains three major parts, which are creating ASP.NET web application, adding button control to web page and setting properties of added button control.

Create an ASP.NET Web Application

  1. Open Visual Studio 2010, click its File menu and select New | Web Site.
  2. Select the "ASP.NET Web Site" and enter a name and specify its location path.
Here we provide you a screen shot for this step.

Add Button Control to Page

Before this step, please make sure that your ASP.NET web application has installed .NET Framework 3.5 or later versions and that you have successfully installed all necessary AJAX dlls from our ASP.NET AJAX SDK into your Visual Studio. After you finish above works, you can add button control to page within following two steps.
  1. Drag an AjaxPanel item from the toolbox to your default web page.
  2. Drag a button control from the toolbox to above AjaxPanel.

Custom Button Properties

After you add the button control to above ASP.NET web page, you can re-set the properties and appearance of that button control at your wish. And now we will offer you detailed instructions for this operation.
  1. Switch to the Design View of the default web page and click the PerButton's SmartTag.
  2. Click the drop-down menu that is located at the right side of Skin. Then you will see a list of available skin styles and select your desired one.
Now a simple button control will be successfully added to an asp.net web page. If you have any problem in the process of implementing these steps, please feel free to contact us.