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Kettic Calendar UI for ASP.NET AJAX
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Calendar library of Kettic Web UI for ASP.NET AJAX SDK mainly includes two parts: Calendar control elements and Calendar pickers.

Calendar Control Elements for ASP.NET

Calendar control of Kettic UI for ASP.NET offers developers and end users with a set of easy to use and user-friendly components for selecting and setting date and time values. Specific controls are Calendar (including three major elements) and multiple date and time pickers. We are going to demonstrate the three elements of Calendar control in this part, and in next section, detailed date and time pickers will be explained.
  • Title: use Calendar title component to define and customize the text shown on title.
  • Navigation Controls: mature and comprehensive calendar navigation controls to select and view date, month and year in number, text and image properties.
  • Column and Row Headers: the ShowRowHeaders property controls whether the row headers appear on the calendar and the ShowColumnHeaders property controls whether the column headers appear on the calendar.

Date and Time Pickers of Calendar Control Within ASP.NET

  • DatePicker: with PerDateInput control integrated with Calendar control, users are able to both enter the date and time value according to own needs in the input area and set it automatically from a calendar popup.
  • TimePicker: by using DateInput control combined with TimeView control, users are capable of inputting a time directly to the input area or choosing it from the popup time view control.
  • DateTimePicker: with the support of DateInput control with an implemented Calendar control and an integrated TimeView control, users are able to select both a date and a time value. DateTimePicker combines the features of DatePicker and TimePicker.
  • PerMonthyearPicker: with the support of MonthYearPicker with TimeView control, users are able to select and set both a month and a year values.
Overview of the features of DatePicker, TimePicker, DateTimePicker and MonthYear controls:
  • Can be easily integrated within web ASP.NET application and C#.NET project
  • Can be implemented on all the commonly used web browsers, such as IE 6.0 and the later, Firefox 2.0 and the greater, Google Chrome and even Safari
  • Easy to integrate client side APIs and controls to setting up and customizing
  • Client-side methods for setting up and defining date and time pickers
  • Popular and easy to use popup controls sharing control for page rendering and better performance
  • Robust time view component for assigning time values
  • Runtime royalty free