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Calendar Title in ASP.NET AJAX
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Information to Calendar Title for ASP.NET

The title of calendar is created and set by using asp.net Calendar Title control. With the help of title tool developed within ASP.NET AJAX, our users are able to decide and customize how and what information should be shown. And technically speaking, the title text of calendar is decided by using which calendar viewing mode. We offer two web calendar viewing modes to users: single-view and multi-view types. Title texts in these two viewing modes are explained below:
  • Title text in single-view mode: in single viewing type, the text of the title is the formatted value of the month shown in the day matrix.
  • Title text in multi-view mode: different from single viewing mode, title text in multi-view form is the formatted value of the first month view that is showing, followed by a date range separator, followed by the formatted value of the last month view that is showing.

Calendar Title Properties

Developers and end users can highly and freely customize and control the formats of date and text in the title using asp.net Calendar Title component. Following listed properties are the full attributes for title.
  • Format: this property is created based on the standard date format pattern, which controls how the DateTime objects that represent the date or dates in the title are formatted.
  • Color: this property controls the back color and fore color of title. Users can freely select any supportable color type.
  • Font: this means the size, style, name of title
  • Border: this refers to the style, color, width of calendar title
  • Size: use this property to adjust the width and height of calendar title with the support of ASP.NET AJAX controls
  • Align: the position of title text can be set in left, right, center and justify directions, besides Align can be used for any of the values applicable to an HTML align property. And please note that, when the calendar is in multi- viewing mode, text align attribute controls the alignment of titles for each individual view as well as the alignment of the title in the title bar.

ASP.NET Codes Example for Title Settings

Following sample codes are for setting and customizing above title properties within ASP.NET programming application, and also the sample image is appended. If you are interested in how to set calendar title text in C#, please link to the related page.

<kettic: PerCalendar ID="PerCalendar1" runat="server"
TitleFormat="MMM yyyy" TitleAlign="Right" TitleStyle-Height="40"
TitleStyle-BackColor="LightPink" TitleStyle-ForeColor="LightSlateGray"
TitleStyle-Font-Italic="true" TitleStyle-BorderStyle="Solid"
TitleStyle-BorderColor="LightBlue" TitleStyle-BorderWidth="3">
</kettic: PerCalendar>
Here is a screenshot for calendar title setting using above ASPX codes.

calendar title sample image.png