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Calendar Feature Date Selection in ASP.NET
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With complete and easy to use Kettic asp.net Calendar Feature controls, our users are capable of using Calendar control to specify whether users can use select only a single date, whether the calendar permits the selection of multiple dates, or whether it can be used for displaying purposes only and does not permit the user to select any dates.

Overview Calendar Date Selection Properties

The date selection property of Kettic asp.net Calendar components includes two major properties: PresentationType and EnableMultiSelect. The former property is easy to understand and used to allow users to select dates, and the latter property is a little more complicate containing three sub-properties. Detailed introductions are listed below.
  • PresentationType: this property is used to specify whether users can use the web calendar to select dates. Two cases exist: when PresentationType is set to"Preview", the calendar is read-only, and users cannot select any date value, when PresentationType is set as "Interactive", the calendar can offer users the date selection control.
  • EnableMultiSelect: this property is used to control whether users can select multiple dates using the asp.net Calendar control. You can set the EnableMultiSelect property using the properties pane, or by using the Enable MultiSelect check box in the Calendar Smart Tag.
Here are the sub-properties of EnableMultiSelect attribute:
  • Select entire raw: if you want to let the user select the entire row, you need to set the ShowRowHeaders property to True to display the row header. And then click on row headerto select dates.
  • Select entire column: also, if you want to let the user select the entire column, you need to set the ShowColumnHeaders property to True. When users click the column header, the selection state of every date in the column is done.
  • Select all the dates: if you want to let users to select all the dates - the entire month, you need to set the EnableViewSelector property to True. When the user clicks on the view selector, they can select all the dates in the calendar.

Sample ASPX Codes for Date Selection

We give following demo ASPX codes to set date selection feature and there is a sample image appending.

<kettic:PerCalendar ID="PerCalendar1" runat="server"
TitleFormat="MMM yyyy" CultureInfo="en-US"
EnableMultiSelect="true" ShowRowHeaders="true"
Sample screenshot is displayed below:

asp.net feature-day-selection.jpg

More Relevant Calendar Feature Tutorials in ASP.NET

Besides calendar managing dates feature setting, Kettic Calendar Feature Components for ASP.NET AJAX still allow users to customize and define other supportable calendar features: day matrix, multi-view and date selection. Please see following recommended guides to get detailed information.