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Kettic ColorEditor UI for ASP.NET AJAX
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Brief Introduction to PerColorEditor

KT.UI for ASP.NET PerColorEditor is a robust and reliable user interface component that allows users to select color from preset color suites and set colors from the RGB or HEX color spaces using a configurable color palette view. What's more, four color modes are offered to display different color interface to users: WebPalette, RGB, HSB, and HSV PaletteMode. With our PerColorEditor, users are still totally free to customize and configure the appearance of color palette by using predefined skins or user-defined skin form.

Specific Features and Benefits of Web PerColorEditor Control

Kettic.UI for ASP.NET PerColorEditor Control aims to offer users the unique and comprehensive web color defining UI component. It owns following high reputation features and benefits.
  • Easily to be integrated within Visual Studio ASP.NET application in version 2010, version 2012 and version 2013
  • Specific 25 Preset Color Palettes are used to speed up your work with PerColorEditor control
  • 25 ready-to-use color palettes like Grayscale, Web216, RGB, HSB, HSV, ReallyWebSafe, Office, etc. are designed for quick web color settings
  • Offer tool for defining Color Palettes, users can easily customize your custom color palette, as well as combine custom with preset palettes if it is necessary for you
  • Provide automatic color picker, when click the color pick button, it will open the color palette. The currently selected color can by display when click the pick button
  • Users are free to set the color palette visible or set it can be evoked using the client-side API alternatively
  • Available control to set "No Color" and Color Preview on the particular palette
  • Mature option for configurable Palette Layout, users can define the number of color columns to be displayed in the color palette or leave them to be set by PerColorEditor control automatically
  • Automatic color box sizing component, which means the size of the color boxes in the palette can be automatically calculated and set based on the Columns property to fit the given Width property. The boxes are of equal width and height
  • Full and simple to select skins to set the visual appearance of the color palette, users still can use one of the predefined skins or create your own