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ColorEditor Color Settings in ASP.NET AJAX
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With rich support of KT.UI for ASP.NET PerColorEditor control, users are capable of setting different color settings with online demo ASPX codes, such as when you don't want to use any color, you can use EmptyColor property, when you want to speed up your color setting by choosing from recently used color, you can refer to Recent Color property, when you want to customize your own color style, you can use the attribute of CutomColor or when you want to see the detailed code or quick preview of the will be used color, you can set the Preview Color property. Also, here you can find the information for C# codes for color setting in details.

Use ASP.NET Demo Codes to Set EmptyColor


The sample image for empty color is displayed above. When users choose a wrong color or you don't want to apply any color, you can click the button is the upper right corner, then the selected color will be cleared quickly. Please check following demo ASPX codes to process this application.

<kettic:PerColorEditor runat="server" ID="PerColorEditor1"

Use ASP.NET Sample Codes to Set RecentColor


As you can see in the demo screenshot, the recently used colors are displayed in the bottom. You can directly choose the most recently used color, and then you can work with high efficiency and save a lot time. Use following demo ASP.NET codes to help you program RencentColor object by using PerColorEditor control.

<kettic:PerColorEditor runat="server" ID="PerColorEditor1"

Use Demo ASP.NET Codes to Set CustomColor


Like we promised, users can not only get a collection of preset colors, but also can customize you own preferring color by evoking CustomColor property of PerColorEditor. When you are allowed to custom color, you just need to click the button, and then you will see a pop-up color selection box on which you can choose any desired color.
See demo ASPX codes below on customizing color.

<kettic:PerColorEditor runat="server" ID="PerColorEditor1"

Use Demo ASP.NET Codes to Set PreviewColor

Users are free to choose whether display the PreviewColor within color palette. When you prefer not to preview color, the interface is like the demo image below. Please use following ASPX codes to set this property.

<kettic:PerColorEditor runat="server" ID="PerColorEditor1"

When users set PreviewColor as true, the selected color and color code will be displayed within the color palette. The interface for PreviewColoe is precisely like the sample screenshot below.

<kettic:PerColorEditor runat="server" ID="PerColorEditor1"