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Kettic DropDownTree UI for ASP.NET AJAX
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DropDownTree control provided by Kettic.com is a perfect combination of a dropdown and a tree component. Several common approaches are used for this DropDownTree control, such as AutoCompleteBox, CheckBox, and Buttons, just to name a few. In this page, we will introduce a few general features of this Kettic DropDownTree control to you for a broad overview.
DataBinding: Kettic DropDownTree control supports data binding to a variety of data sources, such as DataTable, Array, and so on. A number of properties are provided to help you get started with simple DropDownTree data binding. All you need to do is simply follow the steps and copy the sample codes.
Templates: To save your time and improve efficiency, Kettic DropDownTree control has provided you with different types of header templates, node templates as well as footer templates. You can either use them directly, or you can make minor modification to meet your requirements.
Checkboxes: Users can opt for four types of checkbox states offered by Kettic DropDownTree control, which are None,SingleCheck, CheckChildNodes and TriState. We also add support for CheckAll and ClearAll functionalities to make things so much easier. Please make a proper choice based on your needs.
Filtering: Just in case you ever need to go through the whole DropDownTree to find something, we have included this Filtering feature, so you can input your search text, and get resulted entries that either contain or start with that text, in node content or node text only. Other corresponding functions include EmptyMessage, Filter Template, Hightlight, and Minimum Filter Length.
Delimiter: We also provide delimiter supports, like FullPathDelimiter and EntriesDelimiter, which you can either add to separate a single entry from its parent node, or you can add it to separate several nodes from each other respectively.
Settings: More settings are available for Kettic DropDownTree controls, which allow you to create a DropDown with auto width, open DropDown on load, edit css class, specify DropDown width and height.
This is a sample of a Kettic DropDownTree: