$99 VS $1000+. UI Control for ASP.NET AJAX(contains chart and gridview).
Kettic ListView UI for ASP.NET AJAX
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Kettic ListView UI control is developed carefully to make sure that you enjoy the best experience for listview creation and customization in an ASP.NET AJAX application. Using this easy to use ListView control, web developers can have fun creating custom listview, with plenty of choices for item grouping, item sorting, item editing, item selecting, and item paging, etc.
In this page, we will present you with a simple overview through which you will get a general idea of what you can easily achieve with this Kettic ListView control. For more details, you can either navigate to corresponding use manual for sample codes, or you can download the free trial package to get step by step guidance.

ListView Control Features

Easy to use and simple to install. This Kettic ListView control is built for ASP.NET AJAX application, and is compatible with .NET development environment such as Microsoft Visual Studio, etc. You can follow this detailed guide to learn how to get started.
Cross browser support. Built for ASP.NET AJAX user interface project, Kettic ListView control library is compatible with various commonly used web browsers. Those supported include Internet Explorer / IE, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and Safari, etc.
Data binding support. For a listview control, it is quite important to provide data binding support. Kettic ListView DLL library allow users to easily utilize data binding to various data source, such as SqlDataSource, EntityDataSource, LinqDataSource, etc.
Plenty of template support. To help you create listview in an easier and more efficient way, Kettic ListView control provides you a number of pre-defined templates, which you directly apply to create nice-looking listview in your ASP.NET AJAX application.
Considerate filter support. Suppose you have applied data binding for your listview, you might need to go through quite an amount of data to get what you want. In this case, you can easily process it with a simple filter expression to easily locate your input value. A variety of common filter expressions are embedded, and you can also add more on your own.
Item processing support. Apart from the above features, users can also find it so easy to arrange your listview items like paging, grouping, selecting, sorting with this Kettic ListView UI control for ASP.NET AJAX.
Skin support. Last but not the least, users can utilize any one of the embedded skins provided by Kettic ListView component library simply through setting the Skin property.