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ListView Skins in ASP.NET
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In this guiding page, we will focus on the skin customization for Kettic ListView. Kettic ListView is a quite easy to use and high performance UI control to be used in an ASP.NET AJAX application. It provides various useful functionalities with intuitive interface to help web developers create a cool listview with neat design.
In the following sections of this page, we will introduce to you some of the built-in skins provided by this Kettic ListView UI control, which you can directly apply by simply setting the skin property. After that, we will provide simple guidance for customizing the predefined listview skin as well as methods to create one on your own.
  • Set a single property to utilize a built-in ListView skin right away;
  • Customize and modify an existing ListView skin template with just a few steps;
  • Directly create a ListView skin that you like in no time.

Built-In ListView Skins

To help you easily create a nice-looking ListView with outstanding interface, Kettic ListView has prepared you with more than 10 types of embedded skin templates which you can use directly. To use those ListView skins, web developers and designers only need to set a single property, that is, the Skin property.
With this skin selecting capacity integrated into your ASP.NET AJAX user interface project, users can create a listview with a look and feel is that is consistent with other Kettic UI controls, such as ListBox, Filter, DropDownTree, just to name a few here.
The ListView templates covers most of the up to date popular interface look to suite your needs. Right now we have options like Black, Glow, Office 2007 style, Office 2010 style, Windows7 style, and so on. You can view skin samples from the download trial package.

Create and Customize ListView Skins

If the embedded ListView skins cannot meet your requirements, web users can also customize the built-in skins further, or you can directly create the skin on your own right from scratch.
The ListView pre-defined skin template is coded in the Layout Template. To customize the skins, you can simply modify the related template CSS file with aspx codes as well Visual C#.NET codings, which you can find in the unzipped evaluation package.
To create a brand new ListView template, you can simply construct a CSS file with your desired settings. You can control all kinds of properties and settings to create regular items, alternating items, selected items, and items in edit mode, etc. Various button types are also supported like select button, edit button, delete button, update button, and so on.