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Tab Control Overview in ASP.NET AJAX
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In this page, we will present web developer with a general overview of this Kettic tab control. After reading this page, you will have a brief understanding of what this tab control is, and what it can do to help you with your APS.NET web application.
To begin with, Kettic tab control is one of the navigation component included in the Kettic UI (User Interface) control SDK for ASP.NET AJAX. It is an easy to use and flexible control library, which can be integrated into your web application to create a custom tab.

Tab Control Features and Functions

In this section, we will briefly introduce to you some basic features and functions provided by Kettic ASP.NET AJAX tab control. After reading it, you can decide whether it can meet your requirements and whether it is worthwhile for downloading and evaluation.
Kettic tab control for ASP.NET AJAX provides you with flexible options for tab creation and element settings. Using this tab control, users can easily create a hierarchical tab structure by adding root tabs and layers of child tabs. In addition, web developers can also opt to customize an individual tab by setting all kinds of tab properties, such as Text, Value, NavigateUrl, Enabled, PostBack, just to name a few here.
Web developers can opt for directly applying tab templates with Kettic ASP.NET AJAX tab control. Using tab templates, developers can greatly increase your tab diversity, as you are enabled to add HTML markup and other third party controls into your tab. This is a relatively advanced way of customizing your tab appearance. You can also use built-in skin, customized skin, add an image to tab, and so on.
Additionally, using this tab control for ASP.NET AJAX, web developers are also enabled to easily arrange tab order with simple drag and drop. Note that this is only possible within the same tab level in which the tab is located.
What if there are too many tabs to be displayed at one time? Please do not worry about it, as Kettic tab control provides the tab scrolling feature so you can add scroll left and scroll right button to view the complete set of tabs.
Furthermore, developers can also populate your tab sets through simple data binding functionality. Currently we allow for tab control data binding to DataTable, XMLDataSource, and LinqDataSource. You can complete sample codes from corresponding tutorial page and demo page.
Apart from all that, web developers and designers can also customize your tab control through a variety of client side events. Using these client side events, programmers can control the tab behavior and interaction such as tab creation, tab clicking, mouse over, mouse out, tab reorder, and so on.
Of course, users can also opt for customizing your ASP.NET AJAX tab component through server side events. In the presented guiding page, we provide complete Visual C# and Visual Basic .NET sample codes for the introduced server side events for tab creation, tab reodering ,and tab data binding.