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Tab Server Side Events in ASP.NET AJAX
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This page is one of the various guiding pages of Kettic tab control, which is one of the composing component libraries for the Kettic UI (User Interface) Control SDK for ASP.NET AJAX. This page is specifically written as an explanation to the server side events provide by this Kettic tab control. After reading this page, you will have a general understanding of these server side events, and feel free to customize corresponding events to create a custom tab.
Before you download the free trial SDK package for evaluation, please make sure that you have installed .NET Framework 4.0 and above, as well as Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 or later version. After that, you can create either a Visual C# or Visual Basic .NET ASP.NET web application to get it started.

Tab Click Server Side Events

TabClick is the very first server side event that we are going to talk about here. As the name suggests, this sever side event fires each time a user clicks on the tab, resulting in a postback to the server. Web developers can use this TabClick event to control the interaction between a tab and a user mouse click.
At the moment, there are two types of arguments which can be received by this TabClick event handler. The first one is the Tab control which contains a clicked tab, which is the basis for this server side event. And another one is the EventArgs object, which includes a property providing web developers with the access to the clicked tab.

Tab Created Server Side Events

This is the second server side event that we want to introduce to the web developers. You can tell from its name that this TabCreated server side event occurs every time a new tab is added to the tab collection. One thing you should notice is that, this event occurs not only for the manually created tab, but also for the tabs created through data binding.
Similar to the TabClicked event, this TabCreated server side event handler can also receive two types of arguments. And again, the first is the tab control which a new tab is added to. And the other one is the EventArgs object to help you access the created tab.

Tab Data Bound Server Side Events

The third server side event to be introduced is this TabDataBound event, which occurs for a tab right after it is bound to a user defined data source, such as DataTable, XMLDataSource, LinqDataSource, and so on.
TabDataBound server side event handler also receives two types of argument, the Tab which a new tab is added to, and the EventArgs object for access to the tab just added. You will find complete Visual C# / Visual Basic .NET sample codes from the demo page.

Tab Reordered Server Side Events

You can easily tell how this serer side event works by its naming. That is right. This TabReordered event occurs each time the tabs are reordered. This event handler also receives two types of arguments, the tab that fires this event, and the EventArgs for the reordered tab reference and location difference.