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Tab Control Templates in ASP.NET AJAX
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Tab control is a very important consisting component library for the Kettic UI (User Interface) SDK for ASP.NET AJAX. It can be easily integrated into your ASP.NET web application to embed a fully customizable tab.
For this guiding page, we will focus on the templates provided by Kettic tab control. You might also find other methods to configure your tab control, such as adding a local image or using the built-in skins. However, using the templates for your tab, you can create a whole lot more possibilities for your tab control.
Before we get to the main point of the page - the tab templates, I should let you know that, apart from this guide, Kettic also provides you more user manuals for tab customization. Listed below are just a few examples that you might check out.

Global Tab Templates

In all, there are two types of tab templates, and the first one is the global tab templates. From the name you can easily tell that this type of templates can have an effect on the look and feel of the all tabs within a tab control. As a result, you should be cautious to use this template, and only apply it when you need to apply some basic properties for your tabs.
As for the basic properties of a tab, you can check out the tab element page in the above list, which provides a detailed introduction for the commonly used tab properties, such as Text, Value, Tooltip, Enabled, Selected, just to name a few here.

Individual Tab Templates

The second type of tab template is the individual tab template. In contrary to the global tab template, which defines the appearance for all the item members within a tab control, this individual tab template has effect on only a single tab picked out by the web developer.
This individual tab template is generally used to define a specific look for a certain tab. Please note when a tab is under the influence of both individual tab template and global tab template, the individual tab template will override the second template.
If you want to see how these tab templates are working for your tab control, you can now directly download the free trial version by clicking on the download button in this page. If you have any questions concerning either the product or the sales, just send an email to our customer service and we would be more than glad to help.